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"Ah, Light Fang. It has been quite some time since the last time we spoke. I see your hostility has not changed, nor your attitude.", Hord said curling his lips into a smile. "You were always so quick to accuse, to throw titles around as if they were vehicles in a typhoon. But I will not deny your unsung request for battle. I doubt anyone will notice your absence, nor care if they find your corpse."

He activated both of his violet lightsabers, their glow softly humming in the emptiness of the room.
"Hostility? You were in the midst of the enemy, using the dark side of the force. What did you expect? Titles are tools employed by sentient species to quickly denote how they should treat another object, person, or animal."
He lowered one saber, and stood a little straighter from his defensive stance.
"Besides Varik, we are allies. There's no need for either of our corpses to join those which lay in this room. When was it we last saw each other? Surely you haven't changed so much that we must fight."
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