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edlib, the photos looks just great! How i wish Russia have such of liberal flight laws like the United States has...

Anyway, it hits me right into old wound. 2 years ago we salvaged old abandoned Mi-8 that once belonged to KGB in the Soviet Union and was left to die right in field after the Soviet Union collapse. In fact those helicopter spent more than 15 years under open sky, and the Siberia is not the United States, we sometimes have here +40C at summer and -40C at winter, so i think you can imagine what such of climate can do to any vehicle that is left for at least one year on street. But... it is Mi-8, nothing to break in these crazy mix of high-tech and ease of stone-age! We here find everybody and everything to make it fly again! If i would say we cleaned those helicopter by our tongues, i think it will be not too far from the truth. I was in volunteer team and worked on gas-turbine engines of the helicopter (i was aircraft mechanic when served my draft service in Russian army, so i know this TV3-117 engines like my five), we everybody worked for free there because of only thing we would to get - our own aircraft for flights and parachute jumps. More, when we was needed for new parts, Kazan helicopter plant's workers sent it to us for free! Then we find couple of retired pilots who happily agreed to fly on holidays to lift us up for jumps... but everything FAILED!!!

Ministry of Communications simply rejected to register our helicopter because of... because of they wouldn't do it. They find thousand of reasons to don't do it. FSB (descendant of KGB in Russia) suddenly "awoke" and started to scream "It's our helicopter!"... right after we finished all repairs and maintenance. Well, we asked there "What helicopter?", so they got nothing, but, anyway, bureaucrats simply restricted us to fly.

Last autumn guys from flight club of my hometown took off those Mi-8 illegally and started to make laps around town as action of protest! In result we everybody were arrested and spend some hours in police where policemen said us something like "yes, guys, we can understand you, but also you have to understand us - you have no rights to fly on it until helicopter remains unregistered and you got no of official permission to take off". So our Mi-8 now sleeps in closed hangar and who knows when we should get a chance to fly on it again...

Our wings are still broken.

I took this photo in those day. Helicopter there looks pretty little, but download and enlarge it. You see? It has no signs, no number... from legal point of view these Mi-8 does not exist! And we can't register it... because of our flight law are just ugly.

And another one photo with helicopter very far.

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