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To Ultimate HK 47:

No I have not thought about modding. I used to play D & D, Love Star Wars, Star Trek, just about anything fantasy and I love KOTOR! I am mostly into roleplaying games, and I am an artist. I used to be a dancer for 12 years, taught for 3 years, I love to paint, make jewelry and I do some digital art as well. What drew me to this site was the Revenge of Revan project. I had just recently got done playing KOTOR 2 and I felt like I was left hanging like....umm now what.....What exactly happens to Revan and the Exile now? /shrug I did some searching to see if there was a novel or something that I could read to get the story and I came across this site. Seeing this project has greatly inspired me. You see I recently sent my project into getting published. For four years of my life I have spent making my own tarot deck from scratch. Did all the art, text, designed the manual, .....everything. It was a huge undertaking and now I am a bit nervous...>crosses fingers<. I love the fact that Logan and the team have taken the time to do something like this and to do it right. I have never thought about modding but I am not opposed to giving it a try either. Nice to meet you /wave

P.S. Would have posted directly to you but the site said something about points.....also I will be done with Master Kyra's profile picture when I am done it will be posted on this thread
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