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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
You know HK-47 says that Revan used going to war against the Mandalorians as an excuse to convert the Jedi and soldiers who had joined him and turn them against the Republic and Dark Jedi. Do you think this was the case or did Revan have true intentions of stopping the Mandalorians?
I don't believe he ever says this. This is what the Jedi Civil War was about. Atton also mentions it, but according to him it didn't start until after Malachor.
If he DID plan to attack the Republic, what made him do so, the Sith teachings from the ruins on Dantooine from KOTOR 1?
He learned that the Sith - the True Sith - still exist, from Sith records he discovered on Malachor. Supposedly his whole plan was to conquer the Republic in order to strengthen it for the inevitable Sith invasion. Personally I think Kreia is wrong, that Revan truly fell to the dark side; his motives may have been pure, but the war still corrupted him.
Why did he leave Onderon intact in the Jedi Civil War? Was his grudge only against the Jedi and not the Republic?
Yes, he doesn't want to destroy the Republic, he wants to protect it. He left Onderon alone for the same reason Goto asks you to stabilize it - it's an important part of the Republic's infrastructure.
Kavar says that the Jedi chose to hide on worlds touched by war in order to prevent themselves from being detected, but he hid on Onderon, which was not touched by the Jedi Civil War?
War in general, not specifically the Jedi Civil War. The Jedi Civil War itself was a direct result of the Mandalorian Wars, part of the same echo.
Isn't the echo ITSELF the effect of terrible things? Terrible things cause echoes, not the other way around right? So they feared the terrible things which caused the echoes right?
Well, no, they're specifically afraid of the echo and what it does. It could mean the end of the Force, and as Jedi they don't know anything other than the Force. Whether it's a bad thing is a matter of opinion; that's certainly what the Jedi believe. However, as Kreia points out, their perspective is very limited; they have only sensed the echo, not experienced it. They don't understand it as well as those who have, because they have only felt its effects. It's obviously capable of great evil, but despite everything it does to the Exile, he/she becomes a stronger person for it.

Remember that Jedi aren't supposed to fear anything, and they've been fighting wars for a long, long time. In the past their enemy was the dark side, but the echo is... something new. In the past, wars have left wounds in the Force, but for the most part these wounds don't do anything; they're just places that Jedi have learned to avoid. They aren't necessarily evil, just unnerving. The wound at Malachor, however, somehow resonates with all the other wounds in the galaxy, and even with the people who fought there. This is likely connected to the Exile's bonding ability, as well as the choice to turn away from the Force.
The Exile had a natural ability to influence others and be leader, but instead of appreciating this, the Masters criticized him. Is this because they think that if the Exile falls to the Dark Side, he will influence others and make them do his bidding? Is that what they fear? They think that after all he has done to help them he'll fall to the Dark Side? If the Exile would have been affiliated with the Dark Side, would he have not killed them on their respective planets?
It's the power itself they fear, not how it could be used. They fear its inherent nature, that it comes from something other than the Force. Well, they fear how it could be used too, but that's only ancillary. I don't believe they're afraid the Exile will fall to the dark side; they're simply afraid of what the Exile is, a wound in the Force. They think the wound is evil, no matter what it does.
In the end, the Exile destroys Malachor because of the Sith Academy there but does its destruction in any way seal the wound? After its destruction would the Exile still not carry the cries of the people he slayed there?
Well, it's more like the Exile coming to terms with what happened there. That's both the reason for destroying Malachor and the reason the echo is healed.
And by saying that he carries the cries of the people he slayed, the Masters mean that he cannot be sensed through the Force and appears void of the Force right? Then how does Chodo Habat sense him on Telos?
No, they can sense the Exile, quite strongly. They might be sensing different than they would normally expect to sense from a person, but they still can sense him. It's Nihilus who has trouble sensing the Exile because - I believe - he and the Exile are both wounds in the Force; he can't discern the Exile's presence from his own.

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