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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
You know HK-47 says that Revan used going to war against the Mandalorians as an excuse to convert the Jedi and soldiers who had joined him and turn them against the Republic and Dark Jedi. Do you think this was the case or did Revan have true intentions of stopping the Mandalorians? If he DID plan to attack the Republic, what made him do so, the Sith teachings from the ruins on Dantooine from KOTOR 1?
I figure that the way it went was, Revan entered the war with pretty pure intentions; the only thing wrong with his methods was that he was causing a split in the Jedi Order by taking charge herself. I then figure that over the course of the war he and his Jedi gradually became more and more ruthless, partly by making un-Jedi-like decisions (re; the sort of things the computer guarding the Kashyyyk Star Map alludes to) and being enthralled by the sort of power that commanding fleets and armies brings.

I then figure that the turn to the dark side, for Revan, was completed when he came across Trayus Academy, where he learned about the "True" Sith in the Unknown Regions, and embraced the Sith teachings and the dark side. Past that point, he intended to eradicate and replace the Republic and Jedi Order with his own Sith. He did truly believe that the galaxy would be better off with him and his Empire in charge, and that any steps taken toward that end were justified, but this was really nothing more than a self-serving rationalization (which is nothing new to the Sith; to name a few, Darths Plagueis, Sidious, Caedus, and Krayt all believed the same thing about themselves). His master, Kreia, unable to stomach the thought that her greatest student had in fact become merely another in a long line of Dark Lords who wanted to dominate the galaxy, also adopted this rationalization.

That's my interpretation, anyways. I'm pretty sure it agrees with most of what the KotOR games say.

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