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"How many do you think are left?"

Zarev reached out through the force and while he couldn't sense anymore of the thugs other than the wounded ones, he could sense something much...darker.

"I can't sense anymore of them than the ones we wounded...but I can sense something dark. Something I think I sensed once before."

He looked up at Per'dra. "Something is wrong. The assassins are not the only threat here." He turned towards the building and tried to get to his feet. "There is a dark presence in there."

Vlalkor could hear the sound of igniting lightsabers and he saw a purple light in one of the buildings. He continued watching and saw Varik advancing on someone unfamiliar with both lightsabers ignited.

That can't be good. He thought darkly as he grabbed another concussion grenade. He took aim at Varik and fired three shots at Varik and than launched the concussion grenade up towards the window.
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