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Making a new area in 3DSMAX

I'm following this tutorial:

The problem lies in the part where you export the base (4:58-5:09). I have sanity checks unchecked, but when I tell it to export geom only, a MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception comes up saying "--Runtime error: Filestream cannot create: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\scripts\nwmax\sanity\plot_sanitycheck.txt"

This also comes up in a different wndow:
       		    mdlextn = "mdl.ascii"
    		        mdlextn = "mdl"
				model_name =
				-- we need to make sure that the model_name has no tabs in it
				-- as it will break things. The rule will be tabs will be changed to '_'
				if (matchPattern pattern:"*	") then
	   				messageBox "Model name contains a tab. ERROR!! Processing Halted."
	   				return -1
	    		if not g_ismax then format "<snoopstart file=%%.%>%" export_path model_name mdlextn g_delim to:g_strBuffer
	    		-- we can now do some sanity checks and record the results for review
	    		if not g_ismax then (
	    		   format "<snoopstart file=%%_sanitycheck.txt>%" (scriptsPath+"nwmax/sanity/") model_name g_delim to:g_strBuffer
				) else (
					g_strBuffer = createFile (scriptsPath+"nwmax/sanity/" + model_name + "_sanitycheck.txt")
				) -- end ismax
				if chk_check.checked then
		    		bSanityCheck = SanityCheck node
	    			bSanityCheck = 1
Anyone know what's going on? There shouldn't be a sanity check needed, correct?

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