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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
But I agree with the others, Revan intended to replace the Republic, not destroy it
Originally Posted by RevMg View Post
Hmm it's more like he didn't want to harm the people(sort of) but wanted to destory the political system.
Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
But Jimmy Carter says that Revan didn't want to harm te Republic. Why else would he have left Onderon intact?
This is the part that puzzles me - particularly the part that Goto in TSL literally says that the idea of Revan wanting to destroy the Republic is "a common misconception, not supported by facts". The Republic is a government. Revan declared war on that government with the aim of dismantling and replacing it - what part of that doesn't mean "destroy the Republic"? What he chooses to do with the industrial infrastructure is a strategic concern, not a political one; and whether he wants to preserve its people is a, ethical concern, because their existence is not directly tied to the existence of one government or another.

Originally Posted by RevMg View Post
Also he did not want to depend on the Forge so it wouldn't do to him what it did to Malak, so he needed infrastructure to wage a further war with True Sith.
I'm also not sure why people rip on Malak so much for supposedly using the Star Forge more than Revan - we've never seen any evidence that it had any negative side-effects on Malak (seeing as he's already on the dark side and can't be corrupted much more by it), and the thing was winning the war even before he took the helm. From all indications, the Star Forge was worth an entire Empire's worth of military production, so Revan's decision to make sure he still had large infrastructure was really just a precaution.

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