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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
I remember one of the masters saying that even if one of the members sharing a bond die, the bond would still exist but it would be empty, like a wound. So THIS is the reason why the Exile is called a wound in the Force. He carries the empty bonds of the people who he knew and wro died at Malachor.
That's about it, yes. They kept piling on and on until the Exile became a living wound in the Force. If a part of you dies when you lose someone with whom you're bonded, imagine what happens when almost everyone you know dies, and you were bonded to them all.
But why did the incident at Malachor specifically "strengthen" the Exile's bonding ability?
Well, why is a question that is never specifically answered. I'd say the most likely reason is that the Exile no longer feels the Force naturally, using bonds with other Force users in order to do so; the bonding ability grew stronger in order to adapt for the greater demand.

Or if you want to look at it in a less technical - and perhaps more idealistic - manner, the Exile's ability to lead was the only thing left; everything else died at Malachor. The Exile is a strong individual, and clung to his/her remaining strength. Rather than drawing on the Force, the Exile drew strength from within, from untapped potential.
And how does the Exile "blend with the echoes"?
Well, for a lot of reasons the Exile is intrinsically tied to the wound at Malachor. So the Exile feels the same to Force users, at least until the Exile starts reconnecting with the Force. Nihilus is especially blind because he's also tied to the wound; his own power overshadows the Exile.
Vader extinguished lives at Alderan while the Exile did so at Malachor but the reason Vader is NOT CONSIDERED a Wound is that he didn't have strong bonds with the people he killed at Alderan, while the Exile did. Can you explain why Sidious is a Wound in the Force?
Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Where does this idea come from? I know some of the EU (like Darth Plagueis and the RotS novelization) calls him a "singularity" or "black hole in the Force", but I don't think it means the same thing as what it means in TSL.
Yeah, that's the first I've heard of this as well. While wounds in the Force still exist after K2 - the whole concept being based on the destruction of Alderaan, of course - I don't believe anything like Malachor will ever happen again, a wound connected to every other wound. And certainly not a wound in a person.

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