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TOR ate my KotOR
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I went on my first two hard mode operations last night. Takes some getting use to and I know I made some bone head mistakes, but I think it was way easier than making the jump for regular dailies and game play to story mode operations. Most of my mistakes were due to just plan stupidity mainly brought on by the lack of sleep, but were mostly covered up by having the other healer being Kusanavi and Zazz from CA being the tank. Many times I would be about to put a big heal on someone and before I got it off Kus already had them near 100%. Soa, was especially challenging since my internet decided at that point to develop a huge lag and the game sound all but disappeared. I am amazed at how important hearing has become to my ability to use my healer properly. the time with my Shadow, I have the sound turn down and the stereo cranked up. With my smuggler, that just isn’t practical. Anyways, we survived and completed the task despite my problems.

Only embarrassing parts was the infernal council, this part has never given me a problem in normal. I usually finished before some DPS and long before anyone thought about helping me. In hard mode, it was a different story. I had to kill her twice (we wiped once because someone used an AOE (not me)) and did, but I the last one finished and I had help.

The other time I got left by the group while doing a bioanalysis scan and then in finding the group I fell in lava (again). Then when making my way back I drew aggro from a group and while I escaped out of combat, the group remained in combat, so they had to run over and kill the mob.

All in all, though I think I did better than I did in my first normal ops and I had a blast, but still have major room for improvement.

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