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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Thanks a lot. And can you tell me about the bond shared by Visas and Nihilus?
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Well this is perhaps an even trickier question... I believe it's because Nihilus let Visas live that they become bonded in the traditional manner - albeit more extreme, like Exile and Kreia's bond - rather than his usual method of leeching the life off people, unilaterally. He made Visas his apprentice and emissary, so harming her will harm him. Nihilus is sort of the opposite of the Exile; the Exile generally forms good bonds (i.e. beneficial to both parties, but potentially harmful to both) but is capable of forming bad ones (i.e. beneficial to one and harmful to another) and Nihilus generally forms bad ones but in one case forms a good one.
I don't understand what Revan's main objective was during the Jedi Civil War. Why did he leave planets intact?
He wanted to replace the Jedi Order with his Sith Empire. Simple as that. Everything else was second to that objective, and most importantly he didn't want to weaken the Republic in any way. He left certain worlds like Onderon alone, but he also attacked others so that they would have to rely on the Republic's aide; he assassinated Yusanis so the Echani wouldn't become independent enough to break away from the Republic, and instigated a civil war on Praven Prime so it would be forced to secede and later reenter, on more favorable terms for the Republic. In short, he ruthlessly helped the Republic, which is rather strange considering he was technically at war with them; this is why Goto and others theorize Revan had some larger plan that never came to fruition due to Malak's betrayal. According to Kreia, Revan was trying to protect the Republic from an unseen Sith threat.
Why did he tell Malak not to use the Star Forge excessively?
It's implied that the Star Forge directly caused the collapse of the Infinite Empire; it corrupted the user to the point of insanity, or something along those lines... much in the same way that Nihilus is consumed by his own hunger. Malak either didn't know the danger, or didn't care. Obviously they had differing opinions on a lot of things, but it could be explained by Revan keeping him in the dark. Revan likely never expected Malak to overthrow him, so it would make sense if he never told him everything. I don't believe Revan ever told Malak about the Truth Sith, his real reason for attacking the Republic, or, as I mentioned earlier, Malachor.

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