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It's implied that the Star Forge directly caused the collapse of the Infinite Empire; it corrupted the user to the point of insanity, or something along those lines... much in the same way that Nihilus is consumed by his own hunger. Malak either didn't know the danger, or didn't care. Obviously they had differing opinions on a lot of things, but it could be explained by Revan keeping him in the dark. Revan likely never expected Malak to overthrow him, so it would make sense if he never told him everything. I don't believe Revan ever told Malak about the Truth Sith, his real reason for attacking the Republic, or, as I mentioned earlier, Malachor.
It was stated in the Chronicles (that were until TOR still considered canon by Lucasfilm to my knowledge even though they introduced some mistakes on their own) that Malak did not know about Trayus Academy.

The problem with new canon is that the whole deal with Trayus Academy might have been retconned out of existence which is sad, bc without Trayus, KotOR 2 makes no sense...

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I'm also not sure why people rip on Malak so much for supposedly using the Star Forge more than Revan - we've never seen any evidence that it had any negative side-effects on Malak (seeing as he's already on the dark side and can't be corrupted much more by it), and the thing was winning the war even before he took the helm. From all indications, the Star Forge was worth an entire Empire's worth of military production, so Revan's decision to make sure he still had large infrastructure was really just a precaution.
You can always be corrupted more, look at Nihilus The simple thing is Star Forge speeds up the process. Revan wanted to avoid it, Malak embraced it, and the game wants us to believe that part of what Malak become is due to Star Forge's influence.

We have not seen direct evidence in KotOR bc there is so much you can show in one game.

Not to mention it sits well with what Kreia says about Revan and what makes his image in TOR miss the point imo.
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