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Originally Posted by RevMg View Post
It was stated in the Chronicles (that were until TOR still considered canon by Lucasfilm to my knowledge even though they introduced some mistakes on their own) that Malak did not know about Trayus Academy.
Ah, it's been a while since I read them, thanks. They're still canon, as far as I'm aware though. Apparently it's ok that Star Wars canon doesn't make sense.
The problem with new canon is that the whole deal with Trayus Academy might have been retconned out of existence which is sad, bc without Trayus, KotOR 2 makes no sense...
Frankly I'd rather ignore anything other than the two games, if only for the sake of discussion. The expanded media introduce so many problems, though I have to fault MMOTOR most of all considering the circumstances. So best ignore it.

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