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Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander View Post
Got a wheel bearing replaced on my car. Now they are telling me I should replace the drive shaft for $950 because of a noise they are hearing that I brought it in for twice (while it was under warranty) that they were unable to fix both times. F. That.
Yeah... I asked the guy at my shop to check my tire 6 months ago, and he told me they were fine. "Another couple of years, easy..."

Last month after I had that spring replaced, the same guy told me I should get all 4 replaced ASAP!!! PRIORITY ONE!!! OMG!!!!!!

Uhhh... yeah.

It's not really high on my list of things at the moment.

So: Either he never looked at them 6 months ago and lied to me... or he's just looking for more business.

Either way, if they do get replaced anytime soon, it won't be at that shop.

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