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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
No, it's a rare vanilla issue. No one has any idea what causes it.
Though fortunately, you can compeltely skip the module without any issues. Just enable cheats and use the (without quotes) "warp 605dan" cheat. From there proceed to the Jedi Enclave, and you never have to return to 601 *ever* again...
I used the warp cheat like you said for a black screen issue I was getting after completing Nar Shaddaa.

I would board the Ebon Hawk and get the G0-T0 crew cutscenes and the Kelborn message cutscene, and then after navigating to another planet the Ice Academy screen would load and then I'd get a black screen but with the pointer still visable, and HUD accessable (like I could hear the hud buttons being selected even though it was still a black screen). I warped to 201TEL and it fixed the issue, so I'm assuming thats the end of that but I figured I'd report it for bug reporting's sake since TSLRCM is the only content altering mod I have installed.

FYI I tried removing my Override folder to see if it would clear up the issue and it didn't, so I'm assuming its something to do with globals or module files.

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