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True, I'm unsure of what it would be though. I didn't mess with anything that would seem to cause a glitch like that. I had my ultimate appearance mod installed and I uninstalled it mid-game which caused some item issues and Mandalore appearance difficulties but I fixed both of those.

I had a problem with the opening Nar Shaddaa dialog where the dialog stopped after Visas commented and then Handmaiden talked to Visas, and I had to manually talk to Quello to finish the sequence. That's the only oddity I can remember that may have caused a global issue but its a mad stretch and I honestly know moot about globals so if thats what the problem is I don't know how I'll solve it or figure out whats causing it for that matter since I suppose KSE would be the ideal avenue to a solution.

Should I just keep skipping the scene until I reach the end of the game? I could also reinstall TSL and reinstall the TSLRCM and then readd my savegames to see if that would work if the issue is with the module files, though its a little invasive to be preferable and I don't understand how module files could get messed up without the issue showing up on a larger scale.

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