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OK, I played through this once before, but I can't remember anything from that. I've been playing through it again, but have only got to the seen on Corellia with the king.

I'll start with the good. The new armour/robe skins and saber hilts are great. I'm not so sold on the heads, but they're well done, given the difficulty of creating them. The mod seems to fit together properly - cut-scenes fire when they should, scripts run as expected, and there don't appear to be any major bugs with the mod at present.

On the negative side, however...

To begin with the most immediately annoying thing, the incomplete new GUI colours are ugly, and the dark green in particular is difficult to read in some situations, like in the case of NPC names.

Giving the NPCs individual names: some people may find this immersing, personally I found it highly annoying. It means spending forever searching for the right NPC.

Quest construction is dull and rather out of date: Fedex quests (i.e., get item X from person Y and bring it to person Z) have been done to death, and I don't think it's just me who'd like something more innovative.

The opening video showing
the destruction of the station
needs work. A hi-res, properly modelled version would be recommended for the final release, but there are other more fundamental issues with the scene as well, in particular the rather static use of camera, which makes the scene feel more dull than it needs to. Speaking of which, we then go from this into a sequence of cut-scenes, into a lengthy series of dialogues. If Mass Effect 2 can't get away with this kind of excessive cut-scening (which it can't), I wouldn't bet on RoR getting away with it. The later edits of in-game videos (used for the flight from Coruscant to Corellia) I would strongly suggest replacing.

The music... would have been fine with an isometric fantasy RPG released about the same time as KotOR 1; but you've stuck it next to KotOR II's score and it can't hold up. It feels simple and plain, and could do with a bit more harmonic and melodic complexity. The music also feels rather aimless, and doesn't seem to go anywhere. The synthesised sound also really does work against you.

The area where the mod really falls down, though, is in the writing. The opening crawl itself isn't well written, but the dialogue is in dire need of improvement: at present it is stilted, unnatural, ridden with non-sequiturs, redundancies and clumsy phrasings, shifts wildly in tone, and alternates between characters saying absolutely nothing and shoving plot-content down the player's throat with a shovel.

I've jotted down some specific instances which I spotted as I went through, and will post them here (spoilers!), although the list is far from exhaustive:
Show spoiler

I'm not having a go for the sake of it: you've clearly done a lot of work on the mod. The problem that I can see, however, is that the work has been spread too thin, and the dialogue in particular needs going over carefully and rewriting.
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