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Kif sprinted after Per'dra, and found something horrifying - Varik was trying to kill one of their closest friends. I knew there was something odd about him., he thought. He noticed Light's lightsabers on the ground, and despite having no formal training with them, picked them up and ignited them. He ran towards Varik, lightsabers in hand.

Hord knew that his cover was blown, and he knew that Kif was running towards him. He motioned his left arm in the direction of Kif, gripping his left wrist and twisting it. He force shoved the twi'lek back, and he threw Light's body into him.

Kif got back up, and ran towards Varik again. Hord spun, and his right lightsaber horizontally cut him. "Fool.", he spat.

Kif screamed in pain as the lightsaber horizontally cut through his eye sockets. He dropped his lightsabers and collapsed on the ground, writhing in pain - permanently blinded.

With both Light Fang and Kif out of the way, he focused his attention onto Per'dra Yllari. "You are foolish if you think you can defeat an ancient Sith Lord in combat - a lesson that poor Varik learned the hard way - despite his lightsaber prowess.", Hord said, glaring at Per'dra. "I am the great Tulak Hord, the greatest lightsaber duelist of my time - and perhaps of all of the Sith's history. My power is tenfold of that of Varik - and of you."

He gripped his sabers, and advanced towards Per'dra.

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