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Hord brought up both of his sabers to block the oncoming strike. Trapped in a saber lock, Hord soon realized that Varik's natural strength wouldn't last under the tenacity of Per'dra. Hord brought up his right boot, and dropped it upon Per'dra's left knee. He then punched her in the face with the hilt of his left lightsaber.

Varik, if you're there, stand down and I won't kill you. Otherwise, I'm going to have to or die trying.

I...I...cann't...the pain..., Varik replied, hurtfully. Hord knew of Varik's attempt to wrest control, and was drawing off of Varik's inner strength - both to exhaust Varik's ability to fight him, and also to use that strength to give him an even greater advantage against Per'dra. It was horrific - Varik had no way to regain control of his body. Unless...unless if they could expel the spirit from his body. But how?

After he punched her in the face, he brought up his lightsabers to strike Per'dra's now defenseless abdomen. Before he could bring the blades down, he was struck by blaster fire. Turning around, he saw Kif, using the auto-targeting laser in the blaster rifle to desperately distract Varik. One of his hands was clutching where his eyes once used to be, and with the blaster rifle being held in one hand - the shots were wildly inaccurate.

"Amusing.", Hord said out loud, as he used the Force to lift Kif off of the ground.

He slammed him into a wall, and then slammed him into the parallel wall, before finally propelling him through a window. The unconscious body tumbled onto the ground in a bloodied heap - merely inches away from death.

Hord turned around and focused his attention back towards Per'dra.

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