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Vlalkor and Zarev could only watch in horror as the body of one of the group went right through the window and hit the ground in a heap. Zarev looked up at the broken window. He could hear the sounds of blaster bolts being fired and lightsabers crashing agianst each other. But he could only catch a glimpse of the figures when they moved into view.

Zarev pointed at Kif's body. It looked like he was still breathing. "Do whatever you can to stabilize him and then get him to the medical bay aboard the ship." Zarev said as he struggled to his feet and headed for the ship. "As soon as he's aboard I'll take over. You need to get over there and stop whoever is attacking everyone."

Vlalkor saluted and reached into his belt and pulled out a small syringe and injected it into Kif's arm. He gently picked up the limp body and quickly carried him towards the ship, He passed by Zarev who was limping towards the ship.

"You can count on Havoc squad sir." Vlalkor said as he ran up the ramp of the ship.
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