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Mechwarrior II: Mercenaries

So, one of the first PC games that I was introduced to as a kid was Mechwarrior II: Mercenaries. Man, I had a blast with that game. My parents bought a computer when I was little, and it happened to come with Mechwarrior. At first, I didn't really get it, but after a while I came to be a fairly proficient player. I was running it on an old Hewlett Packard with a 5GB hard drive.

Anyways, fast forward 15 years. I found my old Mechwarrior disk in my PC games yesterday, and found a new hankering to play it. Tried to install on Windows 7 in various different ways, no go. I was pretty disappointed, until I remembered that my parents hadn't gotten rid of that old computer. Score! If found it in their utility room and was able to boot it up and get Mechwarrior running again! Man, I love this game. The graphics aren't stellar, but there's just something about it.

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