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Hord noticed Per'dra surround herself in a Force Cloak. "So, you're both a fool and a coward? Your technique is imperfect - I could see your shimmer, and I could hear the hum of your lightsaber.", he said, scolding her.

"And you.", he said, pointing a finger at Light. "Standing in the corner, watching his friends get picked off - one by one. Too cowardly to accept reality - just like your vaunted Jedi Council during the Mandalorian Wars."

As he strode over to Light - he felt a sharp pain in his left ankle. He looked to see a grappling hook cut into his ankle, and he screamed out in pain as it cut into his tendon, causing to him fall onto the ground. Raising a lightsaber, he cut the rope off of the hook, and then yanked it out of his skin. He stood up - using the pain to fuel his anger - and threw the hook at Corsail as if it were a tomahawk.

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