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Vlalkor made sure that Kif was still alive as he was placed in the bacta tank and he caught Zarev as he came up the ramp and stumbled. "Sorry sir, but your going to the medbay."

Zarev smiled slightly as he was escorted into the medical bay and sat down on one of the beds. "I agree. I don't think that I can keep going much longer. But you need to get to where that dark presence is and stop it. I have faith that you can stop whatever it is. After all, Havoc squad has gone up against force users before."

Vlalkor saluted. "You can count on me sir." He said as he turned and ran down the ramp and headed for the building where the battle was taking place. He grabbed his blaster rifle from his shoulder holster and crept along until he saw a slight shimmering in the air and the rest of the group going after Varik.

I thought as much. He's been weird ever since his eyes turned color. He thought as he pulled a concussion grenade off his belt and launched it at him.

"Take cover!" He shouted as he actiavted his armor's retractable blades and than opened up with a volly of blaster bolts.

Alright, he most likely is going to try and deflect the bolts back at me which means I have to be ready. He thought as he continued firing at him.
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