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"So, you're both a fool and a coward? Your technique is imperfect - I could see your shimmer, and I could hear the hum of your lightsaber.", he said, scolding her.

Inwardly, Per'dra seethed. You have called me that once, and you shall NOT do so twice. Even though her technique of Force cloaking was indeed imperfect, it was enough of a distraction while Tulak Hord was pulling Corsail's grappling hook out of his ankle. She took this moment to disconnect the two blades of her saberstaff and place them on each side of Hord's neck in scissor fashion. One wrong move by this "dusty Sith Lord" and he'd wind up dead. Unfortunately, however, so would Varik, and Per'dra wanted to save him.

"Now," she hissed. "Where's my former ally, you desiccated Sith corpse?!"
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