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Post Best and worst comic movie costumes...ever



Batman is the original "Dark Knight". That's how Bob Caine portrayed him. Lurking in the shadows, full of skills, but with the detective prowess of Sherlock Holmes. He wasn't trying to make friends, or get his picture in the paper, he just wanted to scare the **** out of his enemies and finish what others could not. Arguably Tim Burton DID do the justice of making Batman dark again, and I am glad Chris Nolan did not completely undo what had already been a great start. He just made the costume more tactical and believable. And he really has not had to change that costume too much in the past too movies, and nobody is objecting. Batman has one of the coolest costumes ever!


So Sam Raimi put Spider-Man on the map and brought him into movie legend. Mark Webb is re-launching the franchise with Andrew Garfield as Peter. After seeing his performance in The Social Network I am kind of excited for this to happen! One thing both franchises have done right though, is to not taint the original costume. Stan Lee himself says that Spider-Man has one of the most memorable costumes in comic history. I agree. I adored "Spider-Man" all my life...collected several comics. This is the ONE time where spandex matters and it still works. Both movies have not changed the costume much from the original comics that work so well.

I was kind of skeptical about this one. Once they tried this in the late 80's and it failed on epic proportions. I remember seeing some bit on TV where Steve Rogers was a motorcycle stunt guy, but his costume was gayer than Richard Simmons at a cocktail party. Also in most of the recent comics I read, Steve Rogers was kind of a pompous ass. Both the movie AND The Avengers gave Captain America the credit he deserves. Captain America
made the costume look like it fit a WWII scenario. In The Avengers they only take out some of the WWII elements of the costume. At the end of the day I really owe Chris Evens for bringing the life back to that character.

I always thought Thor was a real dope. Always talking in old English style and ranting around about Odin this, and Odin that. I did not run out and see Thor. I finally saw it on DVD and I was really impressed with what they did. I won't say anything else as to not spoil the movie. Let's just say that Thor finds a way to win your heart over. But his costume is super dope. Kind of alien/Norse mythology weaved into one. I love it!

Having grown up on Richard Donner's Superman, its like treading on sacred ground. Nobody wants to denounce Christopher Reeves as Superman. Smallville did what it had to do, as well as Louis And Clark. I personally feel that Superman Returns was fantastic, but I am in minority here, also, that movie paid so much homage to the Richard Donner movies, that Brandon Routh was really just doing his best and fantastic Christopher Reeves impression. However I am also a fan of Zack Snyder movies, and I think I might nail it just this time. I am hoping to see Superman finally get the attention he deserves. The movie has an all star cast. And by looks of this costume, I am sold. It looks more like a gladiator's suit of armor as opposed to some spandex and fruit of the looms. I hear the cape is enormous, so sometimes you see it and then you don't. Seriously though, this costume captures the feel of the comic, and think it's going to have more to do with what Superman really is this time!

I did not know **** about Iron Man when I went to see this movie. I went with some friends on a whim. We were all blown away. Everything in this movie makes total sense. You even love the villains which is hard to pull off. I often wondered why the suit was always red, but after you see Robert Downey Jr. tinkering with hot rods throughout the movie as a hobby, the "hot rod red" makes total sense too. And half of the humor is him getting in and out of the suit. God that is a pretty set of armor though!


I catch a LOT of HELL for this. But let me bring you up to speed. The Punisher was always want of my favorite comic characters. He had no special powers, no magical suit. He was just full of hate for serving his country for years only to loose the only thing that mattered to him to corrupt mobsters. His family. So he dedicates his life to taking out the elements that the cops cannot touch. The Punisher is nothing more than a very dark vigilante. He has his own code of justice. He is not just some crazed serial killer, but he goes after the corrupt that can buy off justice. Frank Castle is an ex CIA operative that has been left for dead by those that protected him. So when he goes rogue everyone is afraid of him. Punisher started out as a random villain in the Spider Man Comics, and later re-surfaced in the 80's as kind of a Rambo/Chuck Norris kind of guy who was very muscular and had a **** load of guns stashed everywhere. In the mid to late 90's he died due to poor sales, but writer Garth Ennis brought him back in a very adult "MAX series" with the help of artist, Tim Bradstreet They made the Punisher even darker than before, and mixed in some very black humor to make this really something. The 2004 movie of the same name, was supposed to capitalize on that transition. In some ways it was very loyal to the comics. However, critics and audiences panned it's dark nature, and that movie was left twisting in the wind. Even though I personally felt Thomas Jane did a fantastic Job. The Punisher is nefarious for not being too successful on the big screen. Ever. Thomas Jane's Character is exact replicas of The Famous Tim Bradstreet comic covers. Sometimes less is more. In this case, a skull t-shirt, a black trench, and lots of guns did just the trick!


Blade is kind of an after character of marvel. They wanted someone that emulated the coolness of Shaft. Blade was the answer. Now if you look at classic Blade on the internet, you might see some kind of geeky costumes, some afros, a lot of bad street one liners...

In 1998 they Brought Blade to the big screen. Well lets just face it It IS a genre film. Mostly action with a lot of sci-fi violence. Blade is a half breed, half human, half vampire. He keeps his bloodlust at bay through a painful injection of garlic, and together with his human Mentor "Whistler" they travel from town to town and try to take out the vampire underground piece by piece. The movie is kind of like vampire hunter meets James Bond. Whistler makes the weapons, and Blade goes on his killing sprees late at night. The movie was good enough to generate 2 sequels. The first was directed by Guillermo del Toro who actually has a passion for comics. In fact I catch **** for this too, but Guillermo added the red satin too Blade's trench to give him that kind of Dracula appeal. Blade II was amazing in my opinion in both story and action. Blade Trinity the third movie was done by David S Goyer, and tanked at the box office, but it was still a pretty good movie in my opinoin. But the point here, is that in THIS situation, Blade has nothing but a kick ass costume. And I feel the red in the trench coat was even better than the first version!


Again, did not know anything about Hellboy either, other than the trailers were sucking me in.

I decided to read the comics before the movie. Glad I did. Also, I have always loved Ron Pearlman, and it was great to see him as a good guy for a change....well so to speak.

Hellboy is a Hellspawn brought through an open portal during one of Hitler's horrible occult experiments. Professer Broom, head of the paranormal research and defense decides to take a baby hellboy under his wing as a son. We flash to many years later, and we see a young adult Hellboy having to deal with being hidden from society while also having the same interests as any young adult. It's a fun movie. They made two of them, and they were both a hit! They even did a couple of animated movies with the voices of all who were present for Hellboy, and damn if those are not entertaining as well. Also there is a video game for Hellboy that is not popular, but fun to play if you understand the nature of the characters. The members of The Paranormal Research team are kept in secret like caged animals, but they have good intentions. They also do not like being caged up. Yeah they do the job that is required, but they also want to "fit in" which is impossible do to what they actually are. Hellboy is a scary guy, but he actually only cares about cats, pancakes, cigars, and a pyrotechnic girl named Liz Sherman.
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