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Originally Posted by Darth DeadMan View Post
Looks good, VP!
Have you already tested this model in the game? I'm asking, because when *I* try to merge *this* hair with *any* other head model, dangly meshes are screwed, but it doesn't happen to me when I'm playing with other hairs.
Glad you asked. The results were catastrophic. Even with my headfixer, things are wonky.

I have an idea, but we'll see if it works....

EDIT: Unsuccessful....

I've even got some other issues with the head model which baffle me a bit... but oh well. Just keep working...

EDIT #2: SUCCESS!!!!!!!

Fortunately, I've gotten custom danglymeshes to work before (Yes, this opens a whole new aspect of head modeling). So I tried converting the danglyhair to just a trimesh and add the auroraflex modifier back in - head showed up in game, no problems! Now, it's just a matter of figuring out how the hell to configure how much it sways and stuff like that.

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