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and now....the worst...


Fantasic movie, but lets get those gay lycra outfits going. I hate all of them

Fantaic Four

Gay movie, gay outfits. Nothing left to the imagination eh?



If you even saw this movie, I am just sorry.


This movie was fun for a week when we thought wire fu and The Matrix was still cool.


This movie was just never cool. Nicolas Cage was once considered for Superman, and he settled on this. Also we all think Eva Mendes is pretty but Jesus this movie is awfull!


I don't know how this movie ever got going. There is no skull. No plot. They could have easily just made this a Mack Bolan (aka The Executioner) movie and nobody would have known. This was the start of The Punisher curse.


I have watched this movie again recently, and It is actually not as bad as I remember. However, I do remember why this movie tanked. Bad film editing, and Nick Nolte sucked a dog's butt. Ang Lee over used the comic book style of editing to show too many things going on at once throughout the entire movie which makes it hard to watch. Other than that, this movie could have been nothing short of great. It had a decent story, a fantastic set of actors, it just fell apart in the editing. I did not even mind the CG Hulk. I think he looked great. But this movie was a failure on many levels. I just don't blame the actors for this one.


Other than the iconic breaking out of the Weapon X program does anyone remember anything else entertaining about Wolverine? Me either...

9. Other than the iconic image that he is, the movie has not fared well over the years and suffers from bad early CGI:

At one point Spawn had the coolest costume ever. This movie needs to be redone yesterday.


It's not the worse thing I have ever seen, but it still pisses me off. They make Mystique such a nice girl. Eric Lencher...well I get him. But the main bad guy is Kevin Bacon....stop....your hurting me.....thats the way this movie unfolds. It's uncomfortable and unnecessary. I guess the only fun that comes from this flick is watching Magneto and Professor X as friends if only for a short while. Everything else is too predictable. The costumes are ok though....much better than what we see in the X-men movies. I am still done with this franchise though.
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