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Instead of redirecting the blaster bolts at Vlalkor, he redirected the concussion grenade - the blaster bolts flying harmlessly past him.

With the concussion grenade staggering Vlalkor backward, Hord lifted the soldier off of the ground with the Force. He used an advanced form of 'Force Whirlwind', as instead of the target swirling around - it had ground particles swirling around the target. In Hord's case, sand.

He used the Force to lift the sand, and used it to swirl around Vlalkor - cutting him off from his supply of air - asphyxiating him. He then attempted to condense the sand until it was merely millimeters away from Vlalkor, but it was straining his abilities. After a few tense seconds, he instead slammed Vlalkor into Light Fang.

However, he focused so much into his technique, he did not notice Per'dra until the last second - with her lightsabers at his neck.

"Now, where's my former ally, you desiccated Sith corpse?!"

"I could sense the anger emanating from you. You would've made a great Sith - especially when you were on Korriban", he mused.

"Or did you think I was asleep in my tomb? I saw you and Pfon - you killed that pretender like a true Sith would. Yet you stay with the Jedi."

He weighed the odds that were stacked against him. He's lost much of his Force energy, which means that Varik is gaining strength. One 'wrong' move by him, and Per'dra will kill him - if she has the guts. But she is foolish, she will kill her 'friend' also. However, he still has enough Force energy - one card left to play. He could collapse the walls, ceilings, and floors of the building - burying everyone in the wreckage. He could regain consciousness - leave all of them to die - and find a new body.

However, he stared at the sabers pointed at his neck.

"Ah, you stay with the Jedi because you are a coward.", he noticed her begin to fume. "Oh, did that get you angry? Are you going to kill me? No, you aren't. You're bluffing. You're too much of a coward to act on your instincts. And for what? Varik? Even if you try to save him, and somehow extract me from his body, if you make one wrong move - he will die. Do you want to take that risk? Or you could let me go, and I won't kill you all."

He knew he was bluffing about the 'killing Varik' part, but these Jedi will believe anything. The quality of Force users have diminished ever since Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow had their childish scuffle over control of the Sith.

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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