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Hey everyone,

So new to the forums, but not to the game. Always played on console though for both. Never had a good PC before now. (Asus G53SX laptop;NVidia GTX560M 2GB Card; 2630QM 2nd-gen i7, 8GB RAM, Blu-Ray Super Multi drive, Full 1920x1080 resolution screen)

Anyways, I just want to clarify some things.

Say I buy KOTOR and TSL for PC.
I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition. Has all current updates
I will still need to run the patches, correct?
As in it won't be something where I can just pop in the game and go at it.
Other concern was if my 1920x1080 native resolution was going to cause a problem with gameplay. I was worried that if I tried to "blow-it-up" to fit my resolution, the game would look horrible. Didnt know if there was a high resolution mod fix for this. Did my best to read through everything, but didnt see it.

Second (unrelated) part to the this question is if anyone knew where to find Team Gizka's work? I used to follow it back in the day when I dreamed of having a good PC/Laptop. But now that they seem to have disbanded, I can't seem to find any download links for their mods that work (specifically the HK planet quest). Hopefully someone could point me in the right direction? I was planning on stockpiling those mods into a folder so that by the time the games got here (ordered online) I would be ready to add in stuff before my first play through.

thanks in advance. Can't wait to relive some of my childhood memories of playing these games! Really glad that there are still those who are still playing and enjoying older games like this as much as I do. Still love playing me some X-Wing Alliance!!!
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