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Or rather some...thing signifying that he has officially fully retired.

I'm sorry but I know too many of my higher end clients. They continue to have stakes somewhere to keep a sort of residual income, or an investment of some kind, coming even in their "retirement".

I met an aussie bartender. Had his master's in psychology, inherited millions, lost it, gained millions back and then some. He stopped caring about a big time career and $$$, and decided just a little job at a country club to keep himself active and social was just what he needed in retirement. Even back then when I had a crappy sense of humor no grasp of sarcasm he could make me laugh. Hell of a guy.

It is my experience that when people "retire", very few I know anymore ever stick around at home. They are doing things. They are still involved. Investing. Running things. Out and about. They are all somehow keeping money flowing even if they are sitting on retirement and using it. So I am not surprised in the least Uncle George made this "announcement". Come across as a little publicity stunt. This is especially true of people with any kind of success.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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