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Originally Posted by Q View Post
Those few who had no problems running unpatched games on Vista/7 must be a very few indeed. Just patch the games.

All trolling aside, TSLRP ended up being much ado about (almost) nothing. Look no further than TSLRCM for restored content. It is actively supported and is still being refined.

Definitely planning patching from the get go. Reading through all of this just made me curious how some (such as Astro) got the game to work on at least Windows 7 with no real modifications necessary. Im not the most computer savvy person, but I do take an interest in it. Seemed interesting to me.

And that is a fantastic link! Loved reading through (most) of those pages!
Can't wait to have the full 1.8v mod installed after I get the game. Going to start it right off the bat with it.

Thanks for all the help Q! Ill let you know if I have any problems
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