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Light caught the near unconcious body of another ally who's name he knew not, redirecting his momentum by turning while he caught the unnamed male. When he placed this ally on his feet, he was likely unbalanced because not all of his momentum had dissipated, but Light had little time for that.

He moved quickly to Varik, hearing the words of both the female and Horde. Light was unsure about venturing into another's mind, especially with a hostile presence there. He had trained briefly in the art, enough to be able to pick up on what moves an enemy was thinking about using in combat, but hadn't excelled.

"Hey, there are still more of us than him. He's not too powerful; I can see he's sweating. Do you have any skill in reading minds with the Force?" He asked quickly after her most recent words of "no way I'm going to let this Sith Lord keep his hold..."
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