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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Wow, I seem to have missed some really great updates. Great work on that sword, just always awesome to see what you've been up to
Thanks, Q! Can't wait for the next update to your WIP thread.

Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
Excited for Rhen Var! HK skin is really interesting. I would download a transparent console mod in two shakes of a lamb's tail.
Well, I hope you can keep excited for a long time, because Rhen Var has taken one hell of a long time so far, and doesn't show much sign of being finished soon... Glad you like the HK skin, I've tried doing a little more work on it, but without much success so far. And I'll try to get a transparent console out ASAP.

Originally Posted by Dark_Ansem View Post
this is good stuff no love for TSL tho
Thank you! And I've got a couple of mods in the works for KotOR I, don't worry.

Originally Posted by UltimateHK47 View Post
I like the idea of Game vendors. Maybe Game vendors on every planet, and the enemies could be like:

nar Shadda: Bounty hunter Fighters
Onderon: Drexls
Korriban: A trigger so you fight sith ghosts?
Dantooine: Mercenary Fighters
Telos: Normal Fighters

Am I forgetting anything?
Of course this would require reskinning the Turret module backround to fit with the enviourment, as well as creating new models. It would take time, I assume. Just an idea anyways, id do this myself if I didn't suck at new models and not doing much modding any more.
Thanks! Those are good ideas, but I think we could probably do some other, more varied games, too, as I outlined above. You're right it would take time an work, and I'm not looking to do it all by myself, so anyone who's interested in helping and/or taking the project on is welcome to do so.


Now, a month is a fairly short time by the standards of this thread, and perhaps as a result I've only got a fairly small update to make. Most of the work I've done lately has been on the KotOR I combat styles mod, for which I have now substantially completed the Kashyyk, Korriban, and Dantooine sections of the mod. This leaves only the Unknown World and Tatooine to go. Tatooine will probably work slightly differently, in that I intend for the player to learn combat techniques from a person instead of a holocron, and these won't be lightsaber/force forms. I'll let you try and guess what they will be, however...

I've also got some work done on the Sith Holocron. Last time there seemed to be a considerable desire for a glowing holocron, so I've done my best to create something along those lines:

This appears to be the most "glowing" that the KotOR engine will allow me to make a placeable do, and I haven't been able to make the glow an animated texture for some reason.

Since this is a modders' resource as much as a part of this mod, I'm keen to have your feedback and suggestions on the model. I'm aware there's a slight texture issue with the base, which I will fix at some point. Although it's not terribly clear in the picture, the glass in the holocron does shine, and is patterned, so the overall effect isn't quite as flat as it appears here.

I've also done a small amount of work on the Tatooine arena mod (which I haven't forgotten about, honest... ), trying to eliminate an issue whereby if the player loses, the set of enemies who were in the arena before remain there in the next round. No luck so far, though.

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