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Android Bootloading

I'm in need of some technical assistance for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

I purchased the phone back in early April, and it came stock with Android 4.0.1. Which runs fine, with a few minor things that require improvement. However, a number of my friends who also use the Nexus have had Android 4.0.4 released through OTA as recently as the end of April while mine remains at Android 4.0.1.

I've been doing some research, and have discovered that while Google administers OTA updates for American and Western European devices ("takju" and "yakju" variants, respectively), they do not administer updates to "yakjuxx" variants - the Canadian variant of the device. These variants are supposedly updated by Samsung, but their customer service department denies such, saying that it is my carrier who I need to speak to. I have done so, and both they and Google have sent me back to Samsung.

In hopes of solving my problem, I'm attempting to flash the "yakju" variant to my device, but I'm having issues getting either of my computers to connect to the device in bootloader mode. It connects fine when the device is on, but when I switch to bootloader it disconnects and is unable to re-establish a connection. I've installed the drivers mentionedhere - in fact this is the walkthrough I'm following for the process - but they are evidently not the correct drivers.

Does anyone know where I might go to find the proper drivers to resolve the issue?

If any other information about my device is required, please let me know.
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