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simple, but first do you have pakscape? Because if you do you can open the JA Assets (this is for ja right?) you can copy a npc named jedi and paste it on your desktop. open the .npc file with Notepad and edit want you want.

Then remember to make a save as and put a different name that doesn't overwrite any of the original npcs. open pakscape->create a new file->create new folder->name it ext_data->inside it create another folder->name it npcs->inside it paste your new npc that you created.

Or, i can make that for you, upload the file and then you download it and all you have to do is extract it to a folder inside JA called 'base'. But you must have Win RAR because the file that you upload is .rar you open it select all the files inside and extract them. now i can do that for you or you can make it on your own with my help, how do you want it?

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