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Two Glitch Problems

So I have TSLRCM 1.7 installed. Lots of good content. Great job.

Ive run into two problems, though.

1. I can't get the handmaiden to talk about Atris. I always get the "Influenece Failure". Ive checked with KSE and I have 100 influence with her.
I saw online that this was a glitch. Was hoping that using KSE or something else, there was someway to fix that.

2. I cant get to the HK factory.
I've encountered the HK-50s three times, and my quest log says I should now go talk to HK-50 when I get back on the ship to track them to their factory, but I dont see any dialogue option for finding the HK factory while talking to him. I have 100 influence with him as well.

I dont know. Maybe I misunderstood and the HK Factory is not in TSLRCM 1.7. I thought it was.

Anyone know of any fixes?
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