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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by newbiemodder View Post
Looks really good DI...what animation do you have the npc's doing as they approach?
Thanks, newbie!

And the NPCs are just doing the "typing at a computer" animation, because I replaced the computer model with the holocron for testing.

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Looks like typing on keyboard to me
Well spotted.

Very nice little update DI; I'm certain many a modder can use this little prop. I love the subtle glow you gave it. Nice!
Thanks, Q. Hopefully, the resource will encourage some more widespread modding.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post

I approve of this message.
(Paid by the Committee to Elect Sith Holocron as Artifact of the Empire.)
Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
(This is for KOTOR2, not sure if it works for KOTOR1, not sure why it shouldn't)
Try opening the module.ifo or the area, then under Mod_OnPlrDeath add a custom script. In that script handle resurection and deletion of enemies
First of all, thanks for the script!

I'm using Mod_OnPlrDeath to start a dialogue, though, from which I move the player and destroy the characters. This allows me to have the announcer say that the player is dead, play the death animation, etc.. Then I heal the player, jump him back to the start point of the module, and (in theory) destroy the excess enemies.

Modified slightly from Visas training in TSLRCM, and untested, but you'll get the idea from it what I am intending;
(Also note the script counts for the entire area, so if it's used outside of the arena, add in a check the area fight is undergo. In this example the > and < global checks.)
Thanks for this. I was trying something similar with a switch clause, but neither that nor this worked for me. What I'm working with right now (hidden in case of spoilers:

Show spoiler

I just can't work out why it refuses to work. If you (or anyone else) can spot the problem, I'd be most appreciative.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I approve of this message.
(Paid by the Committee to Elect Sith Holocron as Artifact of the Empire.)
Like the changelings, you're everywhere.

Originally Posted by Slstoev View Post
Epic work, Insidious.
Thanks, Slstoev.


All right, so last time I posted the Sith Holocron, and since you guys all seemed to like that one a lot, I don't intend to alter it (at least for now), since I think it's pretty good, too.

This time, I've got the Jedi holocron done. I'm not entirely sure about it, so again, your feedback and comments are really useful. In particular, I'm not sure that the centre isn't a little blank, and I haven't been able to give the glass a shine without it being ridiculously shiny and impossible to see anything inside it.

There's also a UV mapping issue which I need to resolve, with a couple of faces on the "glass" in the holocron, which I think are being created by mdlops, since I've exported the model several times to end up with this result.

The central blue bit is animated, which is why as a special treat, I've got my first video update!

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YouTube Video

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