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Thanks HH

Maybe you can help me with one other problem I've encountered. Hoping there is an easy fix to this.

I just arrived at Onderon, and I have the Tomb of Azgath N'Dul mod installed.
So there is of course one of those little white hovering dudes (looks like a really ugly bird/dinosaur cross-breed) sitting in the port by the name of Kemar Elim.

He tells me that Im supposed to go get a starport visa from a guy in the merchant quarter west, and in exchange he would tell me where to find an ancient lost Sith Tomb (thus why I think its not TSLRCM, but rather has to do with the mod). and I accidentally said I would come back instead of just agreeing.
Now, when I come back, he asks if I changed my mind, and I do. Then he tells me to go it for him. Problem is, the Rodian in Merchant Quarter West wont talk to me.
And now its caught in a loop. Ill come back, hell ask me if I changed my mind, and Ill agree to get the visa. And when Italk to him he again asks if I changed my mind, as if I never agreed to before. And this repeats. Ever heard of this glitch or know of a fix
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