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if ((GetGlobalNumber("di_tat_win") >= 0) && GetGlobalNumber("di_tat_win") < 7)
Pretty sure this should be
if ((GetGlobalNumber("di_tat_win") >= 0) && (GetGlobalNumber("di_tat_win") < 7))
Also noticed working on some other scripts, else if doesn't work with KOTOR... so replace them with code like thus;
		else {
				if ((GetGlobalNumber("000_atriscs1") == 2)) {
Any additional "else's" get below the if in height. Pretty much all closing tags (except to end ifs, before a new else) in the end. Sorry about that.

Also can't see it trigger the dialogue (as in your old on_death), but that probably is because you want it to destroy enemies first, right?

Though if you were already using on_death for all that... why didn't a delete enemies script work when set there :/
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