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Thanks HH!

Turns out I have one other problem, and this is a game-ending glitch.
Im hoping you can help, b/c I think it has to do with TSLRCM.
I have 1.7

After the whole Dantooine "Then it is as I thought youve learned nothing blah blah blah" spat with Kreia, I of course go to telos.

Then, after the Handmaiden kills her sisters, Atris appears of course.
Problem is, two Atris appear.
So then, after I fight one of them, it retreats to the holocron room. The other stays in the room where she kills the handmaiden with Force Lightning.
No biggie I figure. Weird visual glitch or something.
But then when I try and fight the wounded Atris in the Holocron room, the one back in the other room starts to talk, and trys to fight me instead of the one in the holocron room.

So now I have a locked door in between me and the atris that is wanting to fight, and no way to get through that door to initiate the next cutscene.

I only saw one other person with this glitch, and they also had TSLRCM 1.7.
I saw that he used a "Force Choke anyone" mod to force choke the other atris before he went into the room and thus get rid of her and everything went smoothly. but I dont see that mod anywhere, at least not where I can add it into the my current save game. .

Anyway to work around this??
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