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[Kotor] A small mod request

Hello friends i have an idea for a mod that i don't think would be to difficult to implement. The stock clothing for the Scout and Scoundrel is pretty cool but its kinda useless I was wondering if any one would please make them into a modifiable armor piece that starts in your foot locker on the Endar Spire If some one could also Change the Soldier clothing to the republic uniform and make it a modifiable armor piece that would be awesome too.

I also have a name for each one and a rough idea on stats

Scoundrel: Smuggler's Luck, Defense 4 unupgraded 7 with overlay and +3 Stealth and +3 Security upgraded

Scout: Recon Vest, Defense 4, 9 with overlay, maybe some 15 resits for the underlay? or immunity mind affecting

Soldier: Republic Trooper armor, defense 7, 11 overlay, 5 regen and +2 strength for the underlay.

Just Idea that popped into my head if its been done already send me a link to the mod if not hey it will give you a reason to ever look like your stock class picture. I don't think the stats are overpowered considering some of the other mods i have installed like Bendak's Assault armor with crazy resits and 15 Regen lol.
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