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My point was that to me the crafting was simply boring and too easy. I never expected SWG level of crafting, but to me it just was not fun at all. It also required mats I really had no intention of raiding to get. Not to mention the whole sending out your companions thing started to get old for me. Quite frankly the whole crafting side was just plain bad. It was better and more useful than WoW crafting. But the inherent flaws of the gear system make it pointless.

Space: At first I liked it. But after a while, it just got too predictable. Then it went from predictable to mind-numbingly boring.

Space was always my favorite part of SWG. Crafting was the second favorite. In all other MMO's I preferred crafting. crafting, socializing exploring then combat. Crafting is at best, boring, and at worst useless.

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