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Originally Posted by Jedi93 View Post
I played through the entire game once and only got short lightsaber. I felt like I was at a munchkin convention
That's harsh, man. I got only 2 shorties once.

Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Well, don't cheat your level that high, and you should be just fine...
Like using an obvious exploit? And don't tell me THAT isn't cheating. Granted it is the only way to reach lv 50 b/c the game is unfinished and unbalanced. But an exploit is still an exploit. Exploits are cheats.

Why the heck do you cheat yourself to max level on your first game anyway?
Well MY MY MY aren't we high and mighty? >:-]

With all due respect I was a gray jedi and neutral my first game so I could not gain access to Ludo Kressh's tomb and thus the exploit. I think I got somewhere between lv 26 and lv 30. So I ***tried*** to do it without. Part of the reason being I just couldn't go everywhere, but even so it doesn't make a whole lot of difference if you just use the spawnpoint just once (as probably was intended). So your assumption of my "first game" is laughable.

Secondly when you consider that the hississ exploit (a cheat regardless of WHY), is the ONLY way to get to lv 50 you start to notice you can't die in that spot even with 0 HP and all you're doing is repetitively spamming...whatever you do to kill the hississ. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over........ aaaannnnnnd over again until you finally get there at LV50.

Without exploiting, well, obviously you don't get all the XP needed to make lv 50.

So to answer your question, "why"?

TIME. Priorities. I'd rather not spend 3 hours or so, grinding and spamming a cheat. I'd like it too if I could just level up to max in due course, but that's not possible, and if you played the game through the whole way, then you'd know that too.

Good day sir.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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