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Heads up:


Hey, I've been doing a lot of stuff recently; playing games, reading stories, writing fics, and I had an idea. Well, several, really. And since I'm still just mucking around with mods, and have no idea how to upload them for sharing, I'm stuck with having to suggest. And they're intended for KotOR one, but if you think they could go with KotOR II, knock yourself out.

I came across a mod once that went like this; you talk to Trask at the beginning of the game, and there is an extra bit of dialogue about what species you are (alien heads were included in the mod), and whatever you say you are, you get a feat for (if you select Duros, you get 'Duros', which gives some sort of boost).

Over the last few days, I've been assembling a mod suggestion based on that (had the idea, but built on it before posting. It's no use putting up a suggestion if it only gets 'what is this I don't even...?):

Extra classes.

Now, I know what you'll think straight up; '*sigh* another one? Really?'
I know. Its a common idea, and not many people bother to try (as far as I know, the classes things is either hard coded or insanely difficult), but this isn't just a 'new classes thing; there are other things included, namely, powers, weapons, feats, and crystals.

Okay, here we go.

First, I'll start with the powers, since its a lead up to the class idea. Note: Unless otherwise specified, these are restricted by armor.



-Battle Meditation (Strictly K1. Instead of having it as a useless icon in Bastilla's power tab, I'd like to give it an application; activates all buff powers that she has (I use Bastilla as a party booster, so it seemed appropriate))

-Cast Speed (Like the name says, though I think it needs a name change (couldn't think up anything myself). Req. Master Speed)

-Force Absorb (Third upgrade of the 'Force Resist'. You gain Force Points equal to what your level+wis modifier)

-Electric Drain (Inspired by inFamous. Drain Life that works on droids only. Not Restricted by armor)

-Electric Strike (Inspired by inFamous. Super powered Shock. Does electric damage, 1-7 times a maximum of ten levels. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

-Megawatt Hammer (Inspired by inFamous. Uses the following animations;same animation as shock/lightning, Recoloured Powere blast shot (blue/white), and Ion grenade explosion. Set the damage at leisure. Not Restricted by armor)

-Thunder Storm (Inspired by inFamous. Works like Lightning, but looks like storm. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

-Raid (Inspired by Kingdom Hearts. Like Throw Lightsaber, only it needs a keyblade instead of lightsaber. Not Restricted by armor)

-Stopga (Inspired by Kingdom Hearts. Stasis without the Field effect. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

-Aeroga (Multi Whirlwind without damage. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

-Graviga (Does periodic Universal damage 1-6 times a maximum of ten levels. Haven't decideed on the animation, so feel free to make one up yourself. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

-Thundaga (Non Dark Side lightning. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

-Blizaga (Lightning, only with Cold damage and some sort of ice beam animation. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

-Firaga (Lightning, only with Fire damage and animation. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

Light side:

-Force Light (Light Side lightning. Deals Light Side damage, 1-8 times a maximum of fifteen levels. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers)

-Foresight (Defence buff on party. +3 to defence and +4 to reflex)

-Invigorate (Third upgrade of Cure. Heals 15 + one point for every charisma and wisdom modifier, as well as every character level. Removes poisons and stun/fear/paralysis effects. Revitalizes fallen characters)

-Serenity (Rage buff for light side.
1st level; +1vitality per level, +2str, +1def, +2will saves, immune to paralysis.
2nd level; +2vitality per level, +3str, +2def, +2reflex and will saves, immune to paralysis/stasis.
3rd level; +3vitality per level, +4str, +3def, +3relex, +5will, immune to paralysis/stasis/poison
Not Restricted by armor)

-Calming Aura (Buffs party with Serenity on 1st level, SerenityII on 2nd level. Does not stack with Serenity)

-Presence (Lowers the defense and will saves of all enemies in fifteen meters by 2. Not restricted by armor)

-Synergy (battle meditation for everyone else.)

Dark side:

-Intimidate (Lowers the defense of all enemies in fifteen meters by 3. Not restricted by armor)

-Corruption (Lowers the attributes of the target)

-Cloud the Force (Third upgrade of Force Suppress. AoE power, does the same as Force Breach and Plague minus damage to health. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers)

-Ethereal Storm (Whirlwind with Force Storm. Periodic damage. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

-Alter Flesh (Boost Vitality of allies by +2 per affected companion level+main character wis and cha modifiers. Does not stack with Enrage/Rage. Not Restricted by armor)

-Destroy Mind (Insanity with periodic Bludgeoning damage. Replaces Insanity DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

-Rage (Does not stack with Alter Flesh
1st; +1 vitality per level, +2str, +2dex, +3fortitude, immune to paralysis.
2nd; +3 vitality per level, +3str, +3dex, +4fortitude, immune to paralysis/fear.
3rd; +3 vitality per level, +5str, +3dex, +5fortitude, immune to paralysis/fear/poison
Not Restricted by armor)

-Enrage (Buffs party with Rage on 1st level, RageII on 2nd level. Does not stack with Rage/Alter Flesh)

-Dark Speed (Upgrade of Master Speed. +4 to defence and three extra attacks per round. Animation; black energy shield, if possible)

-Freezing Void (1-6 Cold damage, freezes target. DC=5+attacking character's level and cha/wis modifiers. Not Restricted by armor)

-Illusion (Defence buff for party. +3def. Not Restricted by armor)

-Poison Strike (Technically a feat, but appears in the 'attackpower' slot of the HUD. Plague, but not restricted by armor. Animation;basic attack)

-Purge (Dark side Healing
1st; Heals within 15 meters, heals5 HP+1HP for every cha/wis modifier. -2def on all affected
2nd; Heals within 15 meters, heals10 HP+1HP for every cha/wis modifier. -3def and +2str on all affected
3rd; Heals within 15 meters, heals15 HP+1HP for every cha/wis modifier. -3def and +3str on all affected
Not restricted by armor)

-Sith Lightning (1-8 Dark Side damage time a maximum of fifteen levels)

-Drain Allies (Drain life usable on party members)

-Invoke Darkness (Whirldwind around character that deals 1-6 periodic Dark Side damage times a maximum fifteen levels to adjacent enemies)


-Ars Arcanum (Inspired by Kingdom Hearts. Two extra attacks per round. Fourth upgrade of flurry)

-Shatter Point (Threat range quadrupled. If target fails fortitude save, they are stunned for six seconds. No def penalty. DC=character level+str modifier. DC=5 Instant Death. Fourth upgrade of critical strike)

-Ars Solum (Master Attack with -5 to hit and adds dex modifier as well.One extra attack per round. Fourth upgrade of power attack)


Right, like I said at the top, there was a mod where you got the species benefit through a feat. You could design access to these powers/classes as requiring the feat of the class.
Sith Lightning.
Sith Mage
Sith Sorcerer
But if you think you can add these classes for real, good luck to you.
Okay, here they are, descriptions and all.
First off, if you like the story feel, you could have a holocron in the temple or academy that will give them out, but please remember they are not available to every class, only two to each, though two classes can select the same class;
Sorcerer/Prophet-> Consular
Mage/Historian-> Sentinel/Consular
Decimator/Crusader-> Guardian

Sith Sorcerer
There are some born in the galaxy with the gift – or curse – of summoning dark and twisted things from the depths of the dark side itself. A Sith Sorcerer is typically one such being, trained to conjure that which gives the dark side of the Force its namesake, twisting and manipulating the now and future to their malevolent will. Due to this, however, they are restricted to wearing strictly robes.
Powers: (NOTE: This is optional; go crazy if you like)
Sith Lightning
Enrage 1-2
Destroy Mind
Invoke Darkness
Cast Speed
Cloud the Force
Dark Speed
Purge 1-3

Jedi Prophet
The Jedi and Sith probe the future in combat, though for the Sith, their interest in the future ends there; they would rather manipulate or dominate the future. The Jedi see the future as what it is; an ever shifting thing, merciless in its ways of shattering plans. The Jedi Prophet is a rare individual, revered in the archives of the Jedi Order, able to probe not the immediate future, but what will be after the rise and fall of empires, even after the galaxies have turned around each other.
Force Light
Calming Aura 1-2

Sith Mage
The Mage is a practitioner of arcane arts and rituals inherited from the ancient Sith. As is inherent with their practices, their mentality is one of looking to the past to dominate the now. As they take a more active role on the field, they typically wear medium armor that, while durable, is still flexible enough for their various roles, and does not restrict the use of most Force powers.
Sith Lightning
Ethereal Storm
Freezing Void
Dark Speed
Purge 1-2
Destroy Mind

Jedi Historian
Not all Jedi are active in the galaxy. Some remain in the libraries, studying the past histories of both the Jedi Order and the galaxy. Sadly, even these are required to put aside their roles as learners and step into the fray of war, dwindled as the Jedi ranks are. Though they are limited in the arts of combat, they have gleamed various secrets of the Force through their studies.
Force Absorb
Force Light
Cast Speed
Calming Aura

Sith Alchemist
Sith alchemy is an area of study in the Sith that Relies heavily on the understanding of the flesh. Contradictory in nature, it focuses less on hindering the enemy and more on aiding one’s allies, though they are still perfectly capable of causing great damage. Wears medium or heavy armor.
Purge 1-3
Poison Strike
Cloud the Force
Alter Flesh

Jedi Peacekeeper
The fragility of peace is defended by the tip of the sword. The pen is mightier than the sword. Actions speak louder than words. Those that keep the peace in the galaxy, smoothing differences between worlds and races, juggle these words endlessly, working tirelessly to preserve that which civilisation itself is built upon. As not all negotiations are non-aggressive, they typically wear medium or heavy armor.
Serenity 1-3

Sith Decimator


The strongest Warriors of the Sith are trained to slay the strongest adversaries, and destroy the mightiest of Jedi. Though their training dictates they restrict themselves to the direct approach, they are fully able to take the more subtle path, armed with the arts of subterfuge and shadow. Prepared to lay waste to even the heaviest installations, they wear heavy armor at all times.


Force Camouflage
Rage 1-3
Sneak attack 1-10

Jedi Crusader
Many padawans in the Order are chastised for expressing the opinion that the evils in the galaxy should be actively sought out. There are masters that embrace these thoughts. The Jedi Crusader is one who doesn’t wait for the dark side to wax full on the face of the galaxy, instead taking pre-emptive action against that which they find in the shadows they brave. In readiness for the challenges and adversities that inevitably face, they constantly wear the heaviest armor.
Serenity 1-3
Calming Aura 1-2


No colors here, make those yourselves
Dathomir (+1dex, +3blaster deflect, +2will)
Kaas (1d6 Dark Side damage. If target fails save of DC=10+ wisdom modifier, they are paralyzed by fear)


YOu can make whatever ones you like; there's hundreds of designs
(base stats of lightsaber (including the deflect feature), but only upgradeable with energy projecter/vibration cell/alloy.
Projector-1d6 slashing
Alloy-----+3 Light Side damage
V.Cell----+5 base/max damage

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it. If you think you can do it, go ahead, but feel free to take bits and pieces (its not like I can claim plagiarism, since I've put the idea out there).
Good luck!

It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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