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Server Transfers

While we are not sure what is going to happen with Vornskr, hopefully this will be all for nothing, but as someone that has been on the only toon on the republic fleet, more than once, Vornskr seems in trouble. Now bioware has come up with free character transfers to more populated servers. In the perfect world, I would really like to just stick with Vornskr until the Superserver transfers coming later.

So TWC and IM members what is your thoughts and plans on this?

I have mixed feelings, I want to stick with my friends from the forum and my guild mates, but I am also extremely appreciative and feel a sense of loyalty to the members of CA that have helped me so much in doing after 50 stuff. Still that said, I will be sticking with the guilds first and foremost, I may owe CA a great deal, but I never would have gotten to 50 or found CA without our officers.

In the perfect world, I would say letís move and stick with the server CA goes to. In that world everyone would get to keep their toonsí names and legacy name, but as we all know TOR is fun, but it is far from perfect.

I know some of you think I donít understand your feelings on the name change. Even though Bremiaha is a TOR generated name, I am attached to it. Hell you go through all 50 levels solo as a healer and you would be attached to that character too. Still I am more attached to the character, my friends and the game than I am to the name.

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