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You seem to have an awful lot of mods failing to install. Might polute your override. And already be a signal something is very, very wrong.

I also think you aren't listing a few mods, since the n_traya file is generally part of the rebalance mod by Achilles...
Originally Posted by PredatoryKey360 View Post
Ultimate Sound Mod
Causes the empty power with HK factory discription. Tiny bug, just mentioning it for completeness sake.
Choose Mira-Hanharr Mod
Mine or DI's (or someone else's)?
Ebon Hawk Armband Mod
Incompatible I think. Or is this warping to the Ebon Hawk with an armband and not what I think it was?
That would probably require spells.2da, and perhaps conflict with the other force mods.
Goto's Yacht Window Fix
Not needed for 1.8 anymore (just saying)
Mandalorian Banner Fix
Which one? The one on Deadlystream?
Merchant Item Enhancement Mod
Think this one is incompatible too. And if not, it will be... (lootscript fixing)
Nar Shadaa Hidden Complex Mod
Telos Shuttle Movie Fix
Will be incompatible with 1.8 (just saying)

Though like I said, I have a feeling this isn't actually all that's in there.
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