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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Wait? I am confused... what? :?
Pretty sure I wasn't talking to you anyway.
Very well.

Where did YOU state your only game was cheated. Like Jedi93?
I did not, however post #8 didn't say that either. --
Originally Posted by Jedi93
I played through the entire game once and only got short lightsaber. I felt like I was at a munchkin convention
If you're referring to a post in another thread, please quote it.

Since I was talking about the savegame editor, which can also be considered a cheat, it seemed like you were addressing me. If that wasn't your intent, sorry to have a laugh at your expense.

Also, wheter you can die there or not depends on your alignment. LS cannot die but do not recharge the Force. DS can die, but their Force points regenerate.
That has not been consistent for me. I've had other bugs creep up as well.

Still, not sure who the hell you're talking to there
Was talking to you.

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