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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Another thing:

When Visquis calls the Exile to meet him in the Jekk Jekk Tarr, why does the Bounty Hunter truce break? Why does everyone start attacking the Exile? Didn't Visquis want the Exile's help? Why would he want everyone to start attacking him?
The bounty hunters don't work for Visquis; everyone works for Goto or the Hutts, directly or indirectly. Visquis betrayed Goto by setting up his trap for the Exile; he wanted to use the Exile to draw Goto out of hiding and kill him - of course, it was completely unknown to him that Goto was just a hologram. The bounty hunters also betrayed Goto by going after Atton and the other party members when they were told to leave the Exile alone - on a technicality that Goto never really said anything about the party members specifically. They actually thought Goto had betrayed them first; Visquis works for Goto, so they assume he is acting under Goto's orders when he arranges a meeting with the Exile. This is compounded by their preexisting suspicions, as Goto had quite clearly told them to not capture the Exile, after they did all the work in drawing him/her to Nar Shaddaa. This bit of cut content should help:
Zhug #1
The scout has reported back with very strange news. The Exchange has arranged a meeting with the Jeedai.

Zhug #2
I do not understand why they would do that. I had thought they wanted to watch the Jeedai. See if the Jeedai could attract other Jeedai.

Zhug #3
Perhaps the Jeedai caused so much trouble, Goto get tired of it.

Zhug #1
Maybe they find other Jeedai.

Zhug #2
No, it is obvious what Goto intends to do. Goto intended to hire us to drive the Jeedai to Nar Shaddaa. Now that the Jeedai is here, Goto doesn't need to pay us anymore. He will try to capture the Jeedai himself.

Zhug #3
But we cannot attack the Jeedai. Goto would put bounties on all our heads.

Zhug #3
Then we will take the Jeedai's companions and the Jeedai's ship hostage.
Presumably Atton deduced all of this... frankly I think it's unclear. They are still hunting the same targets - the Exile and his/her companions - so the truce should still be on. But I guess the bounty hunters never really cared about the code anyway; now that it's not longer technically a bounty, as they have all betrayed their client, they're free to do whatever they want.

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