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KotOR 1 Restoration Demo

For those of you who may not know a team has been working on restoring a lot of content to KotOR 1 as of late. Now, the team's been hard at work and it's my pleasure to announce that a demo has been prepared for release to the public. This demo will include mostly cut Taris content, with the addition of a few more restorations on Dantooine (For more details see ReadMe below).

Deadly Stream Link:


The main forums over on Deadly Stream are where most of the stuff related to KotOR 1 Restoration are discussed, but as said in the ReadMe, we'd prefer it if you reported all bugs found with the demo in this thread or directly to ZM90 over on Deadly Stream.


Show spoiler

The truly fallen cannot return to the light. If someone "falls" and "returns," they never really, truly fell.

Current Work in Progress: Dantooine Tension

Released Works
Blaster Pistol Enhancement
Dustil Restoration
Ebon Hawk Texture Enhancement
Gaffi Stick Improvement
Weapon Model Overhaul Texture Rework (Thanks to Toasty Fresh!)
Sunry Murder Recording Enhancement
VP's Hi Poly Tin Cans - KotOR 1 Version

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