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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Yeah, about still playing this game... well, I've unsubbed and after my 120 days expires, that's pretty much that for me and swtor.
woah.. that's creepy. I just unsubbed myself. Probably for unrelated reasons, but still freaky.. hehe. Were your name(s) not transferable?

I simply don't have the time and can't see myself paying for the sub when it comes time to renew (after June, the year gets really busy for me). Plus, I think I'm still in my "meh phase".. I just don't have any interest in gaming atm.

As for ToR itself.. I still stand by it, even in my meh-ness It's a fantastic game, and I can't think of anytime when I was playing it I wasn't having any fun. Just wish I had both the time and interest to sit at the gaming rig again.

I'm really hoping Torchlight 2 and the recent news about DeadSpace 3 will respark my interest.. but as of late, I'm just not feeling it anymore. Kinda sucks.

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